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5 creative ways to make extra money

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Money saving Hacks | Christmas | 2020 edition |

It's that time of the year...

  Remembering all the kids Christmas activities, nursery and school nativity plays, Christmas gift shopping, scheduling friends and family to come over during the holidays, teacher gifts, phonics, cooking the Turkey....  
1- Plan Christmas a year to 6 months in advance  I know this sounds nuts but honestly knowing what is happening and who you're visiting makes it a lot easier and less stressful. 
2- Buy gifts in the boxing day and January sales. Buy and stock up throughout the year on all the sales. It's amazing how much money you can save by doing this. I manage to save up to £200/£300 by doing this each year. 
3- The things you don't think of buying in those sales. Wrapping paper, christmas cards, tape, gift tags, gift bags, Christmas arts and crafts for the kids, stickers, advent calendars (the non-chocolate ones) I brought the Harry Potter charms bracelet advent calendar and frozen 2 advent calendar in Sainsburys at a massive discoun…

How to stay focused and enjoy a healthy lifestyle

It's all about consistency and balance, I'm not a nutritionist or fitness guru these are all from learning and listening to my body.  This followed by what I did to give myself a healthy mindset, to eat the food I enjoy and staying consistent with my fitness.
 please always speak to specialists and professionals before taken on any new fitness or lifestyle changes.

Mind shift

You are human, You have your own body, use your fitness and health to define your own shape not wishing for someone else's. Embrace your body and use your own mindset with a few rounds of circuit training, running and cycling. Trying new foods, experiment with what routine works for you.


- stay hydrated; Drink plenty of water

-stay active; walking, daily step count is the easiest and most effective exercise for anyone.
 swimming, fitness classes a few times a month,

-Write down realistic weekly goals
( 10,000 steps a day, two litres of water, etc)

- enter 5km runs then gradually build up to 10…

Mummy thoughts during lockdown...

If only you could read my mind.. oh sorry did I say that out loud!?

1- rumour has it the schools will be closed
2- have a nice day at school sweetie 
3- schools closed, damn!
4- start stock taking the fridge, freezer and cupboards, we can live off this much for 3 days providing the kids stop eating every hour.
5- husband receives his letter telling him to stay home for the next 12 weeks during covid.... " thank god for that he can help out with the kids, we can have fun ..." michael get out!
6- poppy let's get ready for PE with Joe Wicks... Fuck off is this for kids!? Lasted 3 days 
7- does no one understand social distancing seriously move over sue 
8- home schooling I'm prepared for this shit don't worry I'm ready for the competing against other parents trying to out do each other on facebook.
9- nope not happening I'm going for walk and I'm taking my chocolate with me 
10- poppy if you do this work sheet I will give you your ipad and stickers 

How to make a Playdough kit | children | activities

Learning through play 

Hey parents, here is a fun, easy and cost free (provided you have a few craft bits already) activity to keep the little ones occupied for a while.  All it takes is a little bit of prep from you and toys your children are really into... oh and playdough! 
What you will need:
Playdough  Anything arts and crafts (age appropriate ) Toys- Frozen, trolls, toy story, etc... Lunch box 

Poppy really enjoyed playing with this kit kept her busy, it allowed her to be creative and have fun learning how to make up a scene on her own. 
Let me know if you give this ago so I can see your creations 
Mummy duke x

40 Indoor and Outdoor Activites for Toddlers+

Here are my 40 activities to do with your little ones and older children. Most of these I have done with my Oldest and some new things on the list I will be trying out. 

1- movie day  2- build fort  3- get crafty  4- organise the toys  5- puzzles  6- painting  7- hand made birthday cards  8- pizza party 9- story time  10- fancydress tea party  11- white board  12- colouring activities  13- make a cake  14- talent show  15- make musical Instruments  16- learn phonics  17- learn nursery rhymes  18- writing and numbers activity sheets 19- stickers activity books  20- messy play 
1- country side walks  2- take a ball out to the field  3- the playground  4- collect conkers  5- sea front walks  6- collect shells  7- nature scavenger hunt  8- cycling  9- outdoor messy play  10- bird feeders  11- rock painting  12- science in the garden  13- puddle jumping  14- take a photo of all the flowers you can find 15- ABC nature game  16- scooter races 17- learn something new  18- cha…

4 different bank accounts / money saving hacks!

*The four bank accounts*

Your own personal bank account- we both have our own bank account for gym membership, phone bill, clothes shopping, coffee dates, fitness classes and general pocket money.
The utilities bank account- This is where your main  bills come out of; The mortgage, gas, electric, water, t.v licence, insuranc, etc it all comes out of that here. This way it is the only account that money comes out. Some banks give rewards for each direct debit that comes out so you could move your gym and phones bills to this one if it benefits you. 
Saving bank account- This card should not be a debit card and set lower amount you can withdraw from ATM. Put money in straight away when you get paid or have come in from another account automatically before you even touch it.
Children's saving account/trust fund- Each month put a little away that goes into their accounts whether it be so they have their own money for holidays or saving for a car when they turn 17.
Food money- Not an …