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Interview with Khandie Khisses

Hello ladies I had the pleasure to interview Khandie Khisses! This lady is a great Role model to any person reading this interview shes worked her way up from being in the royal air force military to top burlesque performer!!! Queen of Burlesque' - Editor of, Fixe Magazine and Brooks Theatre. Voted into The Top 50 Burlesque Stars of the World (2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012). Placed in Top 20 Burlesque Performers in UK 2013. WARNING *a few funny moments ahead that will make you spit your tea all over your computer which happend to me while doing this interview!!  Read &Enjoy!!! 1-whats in your make up bag? GUM! I always get a mouth drier than a desert before performing so I always have a packet hand. Mascara -  I am naturally *ginger* eek and so have the palest of eyelashes. Thick black mascara is my weapon of choice.  Rice powder - no shiny face for me. Kirby grips - you gotta have those. Lipstick - whate

Interview with Laura White

Hello fashion bunnies  here is my interview with Laura White!! Laura is well known from the xfactor 2009 which won her a place on the live shows with her gorgeous angelic voice!! Now singer songwritter laura is working her way to the top working hard on her music (links below)  I had the pleasure to do my first interview *whats in your make-up bag with Laura white*  Whats in your make-up bag?  mac foundation, i use studio fix for when im on stage, boujois bronzer and a pink no 7 blusher too, extreme plump for lips with collection 2000 brown lip liner and i use CODE mascara its the best check it out! Also i use dream matte mousse as a concealor/cover up for my face. (If possible a lil picture would be great so the readers can see) While on stage do you use different foundation to what you would wear on a normal day out? i dont use foundation really during the day... i only use it for stage. I love a fresh face mainly. You have long hair! What hair products do you