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Interview with Khandie Khisses

Hello ladies I had the pleasure to interview Khandie Khisses!
This lady is a great Role model to any person reading this interview
shes worked her way up from being in the royal air force military to top burlesque performer!!!
Queen of Burlesque' - Editor of, Fixe Magazine and Brooks Theatre.
Voted into The Top 50 Burlesque Stars of the World (2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012).
Placed in Top 20 Burlesque Performers in UK 2013.

*a few funny moments ahead that will make you spit your tea all over your computer which happend to me while doing this interview!! 
Read &Enjoy!!!

1-whats in your make up bag?

GUM! I always get a mouth drier than a desert before performing so I always have a packet hand.

Mascara -  I am naturally *ginger* eek and so have the palest of eyelashes. Thick black mascara is my weapon of choice. 

Rice powder - no shiny face for me.

Kirby grips - you gotta have those.

Lipstick - whatever colour I am wearing that day. Probably MAC and probably something garish. I do love Candy Yum Yum layered with Rebel at the moment.

2-your a performer! How long does it take to create outfits?

Its a bit of a hard one to tie down. I can create a costume in a week, piecing together existing costumes or like my most recent one, take 6 months. 

3- your heading to a music festival please pick your top 5 luxury items?

SUNCREAM! Adults have no excuse for sun burn, plus it can double up as moisturiser. Mascara. Chewing gum (stinky breathe is a NO NO). dry shampoo - no greasy locks.  Lady wipes. I dont want no dirty fanny or stinking crotch from 3 days in a mud slide festival LOL.

4-from tthe pictures you post, you must love fashion!? Please pick 5 of your favorite day or evening outfits?

The first one is me off to a meeting. I actually wore this sequin skirt to death! My shape is hourglass so I always try to highlight my waist.

The second I was off to work as a photographer for the day so I needed to be comfortable but as the shoot was outside, jacket was essential. The short sleeves help by not being too constricting. Plus who doesnt love faux fur!?

The third I was looking over a show I was curating. Hence the hipster look. This dress is my favorite dress up/down number. My cat ear hat was an impulsive  buy. I have yet to regret it.

The fourth is a £5 dress i bought at a vintage fair. its a 60s needed ONE stitch so I snapped it up and I adore it. Those heels are a Tesco's sales bargain for all of £7 hahaha. BARGAIN.

The fifth is my rather naughty outfit. I work it to teach burlesque. Hotpants are perfect for teaching but not for shopping in tescos after. I love the cutesy preppy side of this but lets be fair, LEGSHOW!

5-whats your favorite fragrance? Any Viv Westwood for the day but onstage I wear Black XS.

6-whats your daily make-up routine? Moisturise like crazy. Eyebrows, eyeliner then mascara. Moisturiser is key. Never forget it.

7-pleas pick 3of your favorite performance outfits and why? 

My newest one. It took ages to come together and is worth every second of that wait. I adore it. Its feminine whilst maintaining strength. Plus I feel bad ass in it. Georgina Brown made this one. She knows her cage bras! I feel awesome in this outfit. 

My second was a costume that has spawned a life long friendship and business relationship with Vintage Lynndy Loo. This costume has changed its purpose over the years but I utterly adore how Lynn (owner/designer/demi goddess of Vintage Lynndy Loo) knows how to fit a corset to my shape. She is sensational. The costume is as perfect today as when I first took ownership of it.

My final piece is another Vintage Lynndy Loo costume but this one is especially close to my heart. It launched a whole new world for me: acting. I wear this costume in two films by Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins: Jimmy's End and His Heavy Heart. Its a Lynn special so fits perfect but it is my first corseted bodysuit. Painful if you want to get out for the loo but worth it. I spent 16hrs a day for a week in this outfit. I love it. Special pride in my costume room.

End of Interview...

sooo.i told it would be rather funny!! I hope you have enjoyed this evenings read with the amazing Khandie Khisses you can find this gorgeous women by the the links below and me.
lots of love

Facebook- khandie khisses
Instagram- @khandiekhisses
also type In the name in youtube you will find  a small clip of "his heavy hurt"
a big thank you to Khandie for taking part in this interview (amazing lady)


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