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Lifestyle: engagement weekend!!

Part 2 Day after the proposal Me and the fiancĂ© On the golf grounds In Bristol  Behind us Is Wales!!!! lots of love Natasha xXx

Interview with Dave Lackie

Hello beautiful ladies! Here is a special treat for you. I had the opportunity to Interview the best beauty God editor there is!! From top make-up brands to sweet shop fragrances He is our number one choice for beauty advice. Dave is a beauty editor, also a journalist in which he has interviewed a few rather famous faces, travelled the world,appeared on beauty channels for us to get our hands on the best products going!! 1- you're the editor in chief & founder of Beauty the Guide online magazine, how long does it take to put the magazine together?  We work about five months in advance when creating an issue of the magazine. Even though it is digital, we still have the same approach and design as a print magazine. The fact that we translate it into French adds an extra month into the process. We’re always looking for a new twist on telling a story. And much of that comes down to a lot of research. You can find really great ideas if you really spend tim