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Interview :With Atosa Nikkhah

Atosa nikkhah
Social media strategist / fashion &lifestyle  blogger

This lady I strongly admire! Shes a great role model in the fashion/blogging industry.
Not only does she run her fabulous blog "my bubba & me" Which has great styling ideas  along with peeks of her own lifestyle & her gorgeous little Boy.
Atosa is also an online style influencer and media strategist.
Atosa attends as many fashion shows as she can she appreciates the work and effort in all shows.
Ive been following her blog now for along time, knowing she runs her blog, work and family life with her head held high!makes me realise I can follow into her foot steps for when my little one is here And still do what I love!

1-whats In your make-up bag?
my essentials are; 
Clinique Foundation
Clinique Bronzer
YSL Mascara
Mac Eyebrow pencil

2-whats your daily fragrance?
Gucci Guilty

3-your outfit of the day?

4-could you give our readers an insight of what your job role is? 
Online style Influencer/ Social Media Strategist

5-please pick 4 of your favorite outfits you have worn recently?

6-you took an internships at Alexander McQueen could you tell us abit more about this exciting experience you did?
Print Designing working alongside Sarah Burton

7-you attend many fashion events which ones have recently stood out for you the most and why?
I wouldn't be able to single one of them out as they are all special/amazing in their own different way but London Fashion Week is always one i look forward too

8-what advice would you give to new bloggers on the scene?  
Be yourself

9-how to create your own style?

I hope you enjoyed the read!
many thanks to Atosa Nikkhah for taking part
to follow Atosa head to;

lots of love


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