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interview:With Kat RockNRollBride

Happy New Year Everyone!! Kat Williams to celebrate the first published issue of RockNRoll Bride out in stores this month!  did someone say bridal!? photography!? oh yes its the one and only Kat Williams! magazine editor of RockandRoll Bride, bridal blogger, headmistress at Blogcademy, photographer, she also has a collection with crown&glory oh and she is obsessed with glitter!  this lady is always on the go from posting on her blog regulary everyday at 8am &3pm to updating us on her instagram. when shes not doing that shes taking snaps  of selfies with her fellow blogcademy mistresses and pupils!  its been a busy year for Kat but 2015 is looking rosie!!! 1-whats in your make-up bag? I have SO much make up but at the moment my favourites are Illamasqua foundation, Lush translucent power, Bobby brown concealer, a MAC bronzer and blusher, the new Sugarpill Sparkle Baby pallet, Benefit Black Ink eyeliner and OCC Yaoi lip tar 2-your outfit of the d