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Interview: With Lynsey LeKeux

Lynsey Le keux  A vintage goddess  Owner of Le Keux vintage salon in Birmingham and Leeds, owner of her own makeup brand Le Keux cosmetics, Entrepreneur of the year 2013 and  it doesn't stop there!  She is now offering business coaching and startup support for other aspiring business owners. 1- what's in your makeup bag? Of course my own brand, I use Le Keux Cosmetics Black Cadillac Eye Liner everyday, along with Peachy Keen Lip and Cheek Paint on my cheeks and Whistle Bait bright red on my lips. I love a mousse foundation as it gives matte coverage, my favourite is No. 7. I use L’Oreal Beauty Tubes double ended mascara too, it never smudges which is great for that flawless pin up look. Brow powder is a must too, I love Body Shop’s. And I apply it all with my range of dual end brushes. 2- what's your daily fragrance? I wear Jean-Paul Gautier and sometimes Chanel Allure. 3-what's your outfit of the day? I mostly wear reproduction brands such as