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Interview: With Lynsey LeKeux

Lynsey Le keux 
A vintage goddess 
Owner of Le Keux vintage salon in Birmingham and Leeds, owner of her own makeup brand Le Keux cosmetics, Entrepreneur of the year 2013 and  it doesn't stop there! 
She is now offering business coaching and startup support for other aspiring business owners.

1- what's in your makeup bag?
Of course my own brand, I use Le Keux Cosmetics Black Cadillac Eye Liner everyday, along with Peachy Keen Lip and Cheek Paint on my cheeks and Whistle Bait bright red on my lips. I love a mousse foundation as it gives matte coverage, my favourite is No. 7. I use L’Oreal Beauty Tubes double ended mascara too, it never smudges which is great for that flawless pin up look. Brow powder is a must too, I love Body Shop’s. And I apply it all with my range of dual end brushes.

2- what's your daily fragrance?
I wear Jean-Paul Gautier and sometimes Chanel Allure.

3-what's your outfit of the day?
I mostly wear reproduction brands such as Bettie Page Clothing (now Tatyana), Collectif and I have a small obsession with Vivienne Westwood too. My favourite outfit at the moment is my Banned Apparel tartan skirt with a three quarter sleeve top, it fits so nicely and is properly high waisted. I’m also wearing cape coats a lot this winter!

4-you have a new lip shade collection coming out very soon! What inspired you to bring out new shades and the packaging?
My first inspiration was my sister and Creative Director, Diablo Rose. She had bright pink hair (now purple!) and we designed a shade to match that. Our other shades are inspired by our customers, as with all our products. They asked for bright corals and dark plum shades, so we’re making them for them!

5-what are you 5 luxury items you can live without?
Dr Organic Rose Vitamin E Skin Oil as I have very dry skin on my face and I love these products in general.
La Riche Directions hair dye to maintain my current hair colour, whatever that may be.
Shellac nails – I love the long lasting perfection and I always get mine done with the very talented Kazzmetics.
Lush bath bombs, the scents are incredible and they are nice and natural products to soak in.
My eyeliner brush, it’s the only one I can create perfect flicks with, I literally panic if I don’t have it!

6- which skin care products would you recommend To our readers during these cold winter/spring months?
Definitely Dr Organic as I mentioned above. I’m very excited about my own new skin cream coming out this Summer, you can use it to remove your make up, cleanse your skin and moisturise. The scent is incredible and its very rich and a little goes a long way.

7-please pick 5 of your favorite hairstyles?
I love Bettie Bangs! I have had them on and off for years now, I think they’re flattering on most people and it’s a great cheat for having ‘vintage’ hair every day with less effort.
Classic victory rolls are also a favourite. There are so many angles you can create them in to flatter, I suit volume on the top of my head as I have a round face.
Bright and pastel coloured hair. It looks fabulous styled and the reaction you get from people is amazing (I would highly recommend Hair by Faye in Birmingham and Hula Hair in Leeds for specialists in creative colour work on hair).
Perfect pin curl sets are also stunning, I love a high lift at the front, Marilyn Monroe style, it’s flattering and a real bombshell look.
Lastly I love a poodle do with a head scarf, I Love Lucy style. It’s kitsch and fun.
I’ve attached some example pics for you!
8-what hair care do you use due to coloring your hair alot!?
What I’ve learnt is that some colours stay better than others. I used to be reds and pinks which wash out very quickly, now I’m blue and turquoise that really stays (it actually won’t come out of bleached hair sometimes!). So that’s worth considered. Mixing some of your dye into your conditioner and using gloves to apply it every time you wash your hair is a good tip for maintenance too.

Here are just some of the amazing styles you can find yourself wanting at the salon !

I hope you enjoyed the read
a big thank you to Lynsey for taking part in the interview to find out more about Lynsey and her amazing salon head to:


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