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Fashion: You Dont Need Money To be stylish.

Do you need money to be stylish? 

I love going into a charity shop to find a river island bag priced at £4, 
Or a pair of shoes from next priced at £3,50  but brand new £45.
It's amazing what you can find in a charity shop or vintage shop, sometimes you can make up an outfit to make it look expensive but actually only costing you £15 to put together.

Charity shops have increased over the years! From the odd corner shop in town to having 6 in just one high street.i find some of them over price the clothes and some shops price an eastex  camel coat for 99p.Yes it's great when we find a bargain but don't just stick to brand names, I've brought clothes with no labels and random labels I didn't even know existed!
Since being pregnant I've found it hard to buy outfits In normal high street shops!.
I've turned to charity shops, to begin with I was very undecided about this, I just didn't like the idea to be honest. Once my partner got me into it, as he kept finding amazing quality clothing, brands and cheap prices, I decided I will give it ago as well. Im so glad I did! Most of the time you find a great brand! But I'm more of finding clothes that fit bump and look nice on me. I've become lucky recently in finding river island items, next, top shop etc. 

Do you need money to be stylish? 
I did a survey last month sent out to some blogger friends and all of them agreed on 
No, you don't need money to be stylish! You can easily buy an expensive bag from Michael Kors (investments )and then shop around Charity shops for a vintage dress or denim jeans etc.Just remember you don't need a mortgage to look stylish.

Your actually doing a good deed!
Don't forget the reason in a charity shop! It's to raise money for a worthy cause.
The clothes, bags and accessorise your purchasing over the counter is all going to people who are less unfortunate. you don't realise the amount of work that goes into; organising the donation bags, categories , pricing, quality (if they can sell it), needing volunteers, advertising fundraising days , close down, staff meetings, targets you have to reach within that month! The list goes on. One thing I want to make clear is that, Volunteers don't get things for free while working in the shop they pay for it just like any other customer! They also Use their own washing machine to clean the clothes you've just put in your shopping bag.

Key points to remember when on charity shop mission;

1-Visit frequently (make a  friendship with the the volunteers)
2-Don't expect organisation (no matter how much the volunteers work they might not be able to keep up with the demand of shoppers not appreciating to keep the shop clean) 
3-Make new friends and be chatty (Ive noticed young teens have been shopping in charity shops recently and most of them are with their grandparents which I find is amazing! It's showing them to budget and and appreciate money) 
4-Don't expect to find a bargain straight Away 
5-Find the main charity shops around you 
6-Vintage findings are better then straight off the catwalk 
7-Be adventurous  and try things on you wouldn't normally try on in high street shops.
8- guilt free coming back home with bags of clothes 
9-the £1 rail 
10-always look at the coats/jackets

floral kimono £3
red top £1

river island cardigan £4

eastex camel coat 99p

next shoes £3.50
I hope you have enjoyed the read
lots of love


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