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Fashion: Solent graduate fashion show

I was invited to the Solent graduate fashion show last week in association with the organised by the lovely Jessica Duke and Shannon Diment. 

The event was sponsored by Bobbi Brown, the body shop, hotel chocolate and many more.The event was hosted at the southampton football stadium. On my way in I bumped into @brogantatexo, together we headed into the portfolio room where all the Students showed off their sketches and illustrations towards their collections.

We then went  into the VIP drinks area with @1sliceoflemon we were welcomed with a show program, hotel chocolat samples and bucks fizz. We had a chat then reunited with the rest of the blogging girls attending the show. There was also a raffle with the main prize being a Bobbi Brown makeup set and other great prizes for the runners up.

It was almost time for the show to start so we headed to our seats  where all guests were treated to a goody bag! The bags were very generous food, the body shop samples, a bobbie brown makeup lesson menu and other treats. 

The makeup look on the catwalk was created by the Bobbi Brown team where they explored the natural look. By using illuminating balm to the face, powder pink pot rouge cream blush to the cheeks, sparkle eye shadow in mica to the eyelids and bare pink rich lipstick. "the secret to beauty is simple, be who you are".

There were 15 collections showcased at #solentgradueteshow with many of them being some of my favourites but all were intriguing to the eye. Emma Buckleys collection was full of bright reds and technical usage of the fabrics creating an oversized silhouette. Charlotte Auger created a boxing vibe of "fighting is a form of survival" which brought heavyweight natural fibres to a brilliant mens wear collection. Jessica Barton brought a bright themed  collection of contrasting colours and playful shapes to the catwalk (this collection really reminded me of gwen stefani herajuku girls or Alice in wonderland, unusual and edgy). Emmie Woodward's was my absolute number one collection purely because of her usage of fabric dye, the technical shapes (especially of the coat) and the colour blocking. But the vibrant shades of the pink, purple and green are what make this collection stand out! 

This fashion show brought back a lot of memories for me as i used to be a fashion student, It's such a fun course. Wether its gcse, college or university being able to explore your mind with colour, fabric, culture and illustration is really something to get excited about. / @fashionshowdiar /#solentgradueteshow 

I hope you have enjoyed the read 
lots of love 


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