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Fashion:Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty!

"he opened my eyes to the world of fashion .. And in his eyes was one with no boundaries" Shaun Leane 2014                                                                                    My friend Charlotte and I travelled to London to visit one of the most talked about exhibitions of the year at the V&A. We were all handed a mini programme which featured the collaboration between McQueen and Swarovski. There are 200 items in the exhibit, much larger then the new york version thanks to collectors  Katy England and Annabelle  Neilson, and also the Isabelle  Blur collections.  It was like walking into a completely unique world from the mind of Alexander McQueen. The First room featured Collections from the highland rape which featured the infamous  "bumster"  trousers , autumn/winter 1995 , garments to the tailored jackets which were stitched/embroidered with gold thread.  The cabinet of curiosities, an  inspirin

Lifestyle: Caffe concerto &Savage Beauty

This is my own picture (lucky me) Selfie inside caffe concerto  Last week I had the pleasure of visiting london with my friend @charlottelife93, I'm going to tell you my adventure in two parts; caffe concerto & savage beauty and my Alexander McQueen experience. It was such a fantastic day, we had lunch in a posh restaurant called caffe concerto (if you're  in Kensington, go it's amazing and reasonably priced! ), I ordered the margarita pizza, which was served on a wooden pizza board, the waiters were also a delight, they were all lovely and half way through your drink they pop over to your table to refill it! the food was exquisite and the company was wonderful. I definitely recommend visiting this gorgeous place. We then made our way to the V&A to visit Alexander McQueen the savage beauty exhibition! We were truly lucky to have been able get tickets! As the exhibition was selling out fast. It was Such an