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Interview with: Brogan Tate

Have you heard of Brogan on you tube? If not, lets update you! Brogan is a huge hit on YouTube, who Vlogs her way though the Internet. From beauty tips to trek America Vlogs. Get your popcorn ready to catch up on all things girlie! Thanks to YouTube, Brogan has become a role model to a lot of her subscribers. Not only does she focuse on her camera lense but on her two jobs as well!  This confident, happy, young lady is a real darling who will befriend anyone she meets, join Brogan on her Vlogger  journey. Here, you can find out if she really loves pancakes more then she says she does!?  1-what's in your makeup bag?  Too much probably! My favourites are Benefit They're Real Mascara and Urban Decay Naked Lipstick. 2--Tell me about your proudest achievement? When I won 'Business Woman Of The Future' award at the Venus Awards when I was 18 for studying and running my own business at a young age. 3--Where would you like to be in blogging/Vlogging  f

lifestyle:NyeTimber vintage bus

During my time at cowes week I got to experience the nyetimber bus! As always, its a popular area for the girlies! A glass of sparkling wine in hand, and the calm relaxing environment makes your time there feel rather special. Before I bought a glass of cava I explored the bus and to my surprise, it was amazing! Chilled area for the wine and chilled area for us visitors! The nyetimber bus has been to many places around the uk offering English made wine with glasses priced at £9, bottles £48 and large bottles for £100. As you can see its a pricey bus ride but so worth it. I don't normally drink alcohol but it tasted fantastic, the quality definitely makes the price tag seem not quite so bad, and considering that I don't even like wine that says a lot! I hope you enjoyed the read Lots of love Natasha xXx

Lifestyle : Liz Earle (cowes week)

Liz Earle were the main sponsors of ladies day this year at cowes week, with many visiting the pop up shop for facials and skin consultations. I spoke to one of the assistants about my skin and she recommend me to use their toner and moisturiser as she told me the alcohol in the simply toner I was using was stripping the goodness from my skin and making me break out more! (due to me having oily and prone to acne skin). During my Time at the pop up shop I was kindly given a complimentary hand and arm massage products: liz earle super skin body cream with Shea butter,organic rosehip oil, cranberry seed oil, pomegranate extract and neroli oil. Liz Earle hand repair which deeply moisturise hands and conditions nails and liz Earle super balm.  I was then given a manicure. I got to choose from a few of their colours but I went with their signature blue  liz Earle colour, teal. It's their limited edition 20th birthday shade . All o

Blog event: What's in my goody bag?

What's in my goody bag from the #sotonmeetup by @southamptonbloggers @resosouthampton tote bag  self tanning mousse medium  shampoo, conditioner & reconstruct or treatment  bath and shower Cream  argon oil salon Devine body wax  The pore-fessional & the pore-fessional license to blot  Festival blend  lipstick staying power  skin treatment  blending brush  lipgloss   fast form  blemish stick  hand cream  www.  assorted flavours mini packs  www.beegood.

BlogEvent: #SotonMeetUp

On Saturday I attended the #sotonmeetup which was organised by event planners Alice & Amy, who you can find at @southamptonbloggers. These parties/events are great for bloggers to chat about blog content, photography, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The event was held in a newly renovated bar called revolution situated in Southampton The day was packed with   consultations (who gave out skin care goodies on our specific skin types ),   are very popular at the moment, which the celebraties are loving! They gave us a months supply of hair vitamin, food supplements, they also put together a competition on who can do the fastest plat blind folded (I messed up a few times to a point where I basically didn't qualify! Hahaha ) the winner was Ami from @perksofbeingami, she received a box of HairFintiy goodies. We also had cupcakes from ,

Interview: with Luke Pickett

Luke Pickett is a singer song writer from london, who entered the new year with he's face on the front cover of vanityuk! I first met Luke a few years ago performing in Southampton. He is a lovely, genuine guy who delivers music for every mood. He's got new music out now and with sold out gigs across the UK, you need to keep reading about the sensational Luke Pickett!  Tell me about your new single ,  what inspired you ?  It’s longing for a committed relationship from somebody who promises you exactly that but fails to keep that promise. You know the reality but you can’t give her up. She struggles to leave behind what she has known for so long, despite knowing the thing she really wants is you. The inspiration is just life. Seeing the world  around me and these types of things happening . You were recently featured on Vanity Hype magazine, how did that feel?   It was great! I hadn’t been on the cover of a magazine before so it was a really