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Mother care photoshoot with pixi-foto

Poppy's 1st Christmas  My mum, Poppy and me  Mother and daughter  Poppy surprise! A few weeks ago, I went to mother care with my mum to pick out a Christmas day outfit for Poppy. This little trip turned into a 1 hour job as we spotted a mini photo-shoot for babies. Pixi-foto are a family portrait photographers. We had a lovely time and poppy enjoyed it too! There were 9 themes throughout the shoot. You pay £10 for the shoot with one free print to pick up on your date slot. Unfortunately really disappointed me was that the photographer would not tell me the prices of all the photos (singles, packages etc) ! I had to wait two weeks till I was told, the pictures were lovely and great quality but just for these images were £40 plus my free photo, so all together it cost me £50! Just a little advice, I took the rest of the pictures on my phone (I'll get them developed elsewhere), t he assistant was kind enough to let me do this only, i think, because