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The wedding diaries

The Invite series Ideas from pin-trest are so handy and inspiring they have  A huge variety of styles, colours and themes Our wedding invites  The acceptance card my mum made!  We have finally sent out our wedding invites and managed to get them sent out 5 months before the wedding. Our style/theme is very rustic, vintage and classy. I love small details, and making an item yourself shows how dedicated you are to making something look good! Throughout our wedding preparations and planning you will find that we have made a lot of our own decorations etc.  Here is a mini guide to invites; who, the style, when and some inspiring pins.  Guest list: don't feel pressured to invite people you don't really want there, it is your day so think of yourselves, not the guests. Also think of your numbers and what your budget is. My fiancĂ©e and I both have four cousins and most of them have partners but unfortunately we are on a budget so they are invited