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A touch of pink

Baby's first Easter  Photo shoot: A few weeks ago I was determined for Poppy to do an Easter egg hunt photoshoot, one of my friends Dave is a great photographer and is very reasonable in pricing. He does many portraits, themes and baby shoots. I think all parents should do a themed photo for their babies album, it's so much fun for the kids and adults! Poppy was so well behaved and she loves to pose and show off, we had a pink blossom forest background with silk fabric rose petals to complete the set up. Poppy wore a pink Zara dress with a John Lewis white fur poncho with a pink tie up bow at the front. The finished pictures are so adorable me and my partner are very happy with the final pieces.  I hope you enjoyed the read and pictures  Lots of love  Natasha  xXx 

Easter Gift Guide

                                  Are you the type of person who enjoys making things, decorating stuff and making it look all pretty!? Me too! I love Easter, I used to live in Spain, where they celebrated Easter so much more than we do over here. There are cakes, chocolates, roast chicken all sorts. They would also hold a parade in the evening with all the locals holding candles. The community over there was very supportive almost like family. Anyway back to the chocolate! Here we have Easter boxes for toddlers, adults, baby easter egg hunt ideas and the typical Lindt bunny display.  Brown bags; the works, butterflies; the card factory,  Easter box; poundland, Easter bunny ears; poundland,  White Easter bunny ears; the works, Easter egg hunt sign; the card factory  The golden eggs; sainsburys (only £1each), Easter gift bags; poundland (20 pk £1)  Easter chicks; the works,. Kilmer jars ; Morrisons (£1 on offer I added the

Wedding Diaries

The Flowers  Why are they so important? Me and my fiancĂ© are in the middle of planning our wedding (if you haven't guessed by now), we ordered our flowers a few month ago which I'm glad we did. They had such a variety of colours, glitter, gems and even children's flower wands which I was very excited about. We have decided on a colour and which flowers we are going to have, it was only yesterday we put the deposit down as we completely forgot all about it until I read through our invoice from the flower shop pink Doris.  I think flowers make the wedding romantic and classic but, You don't just have to have real flowers, you can have paper, foam, gems, comic book paper flowers the list goes on! Here are a few tips and inspirations if your being nosy or planning your own wedding.  - look around your local florists  - call the one that's more appealing to you for a meeting - make sure you have your colour schemes in mind and some examples for t