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My Wedding Day

                                 My wedding Day Michael and I got married on the 16th July. It was such a beautiful day, the sky was blue and sun was shining. We had our ceremony newport Minster St. John's square Newport on the Isle of Wight. We decided quite early into the wedding planning that we wanted the ceremony to be somewhere special, so we picked the church we'd had our daughter christened in. We invited 40 of our close friends and family members a few of which travelled from the Midland to celebrate our special day. During our vows I got really emotional which I really wasn't expecting at all. Also when I was walking down the aisle, I was very nervous, which is a little too noticeable on the wedding video hahaha. The moment your flower delivery arrives that's when it all gets real! The groom getting hes flower pined by one of our family friends ben The moment we said I Do! Although weddings are romantic and beautiful t