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Harry Potter themed party

Ever wanted to walk the great hall at Hogwarts? Ever wanted to catch a golden snitch? Oh and  how about being able to make things fly? Well we did too! So this weekend we celebrated my sister in laws birthday with a Harry Potter theme party. We bought a few grey balloons filled with helium, which my husband drew owls to tie on the presents for that just delivered look. We had a potter sweet shop on the window sill with Bertie Bots every flavour beans and golden snitches made from Ferrero Rocher, I cut out wings from white card to make them look realistic like the film and stuck on top. Mason jars to drink flying cauldron butterscotch cream soda, floating candles made from a pack of 4 clear baubles from the works with fake candles from poundland that we hung them from the lamp shades and parcels wrapped up in brown paper from poundland and the string from the works.  I hope these easy Harry Potter steps help create your own party theme  Lot