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my favourite 5

#Breakfast Eat breakfast,  it's the most important meal of the day! 1- grilled Asparagus with poached eggs on toast. This is one of my favourite breakfasts. I honestly could have this for every meal.  Grill the asparagus for 10mins, poach eggs for as long as it takes to make a piece of toast and serve. 2- strawberrys with banana and peanutbutter on toast. This is pretty simple and basic I sometimes add different toppings to my peanutbutter on toast. You can always add this to your dessert menu by adding chopped up dark chocolate. 3-scrambled egg on toast with salmon. To make this extra healthy add peas to your scrambled egg or asparagus. 4-gluten free banana pancakes.  I love making these for poppy. They're also healthy for your little ones. All you need is 1 banana and 2 eggs, mixed together pre heat the pan and spoon into small discs. Boom! Yummy mini banana pancakes!  5-  Greek yougurt, granola and fruit. Pick a handfulof y