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we all need to put the phone down!

Hello, these days all we seem to do with our spare time is check our phones constantly.  We check our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, pintrest and the list goes on.  In the last few months i've not posted as much as I used too, unlike this week on my social media, due to too many birthdays and celebrations. But realistacly I'm wanting to keep family life more private, I have many reasons but I just want to upload pictures of my daughter growing up, check in every now and then about my fitness and weightloss and to capture precious moments with friends and family to also just enjoy things more without having my phone glued to my hand.  Here are my top tips for phone replacements for everyone to enjoy and get used to;  Turn off notifications  Set up phone free periods every day  Get back into your old hobby  Running  Walking to places you never knew  Stand in two places at once  Reading a book/magazine  Arrange a meet up with friends catch up face to fa