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Christmas with Toddlers

It's poppy's 3rd Christmas Christmas 2016 Each year it gets easier finding things for Poppy to enjoy and get involved in. She loves to help and is intrigued by many things especially when she sees the Christmas display at busy bee garden centre. A lot of my Christmas with Toddlers list is really simple and has lots of family involvement. Some of the things we have done before and the other things on the list we will be doing this year. 1- reindeer hand print Christmas cards 2- Christmas light display  3- send a letter to father Christmas   4- putting up the decorations  5-baking cookies 6- visit father Christmas  7- Christmas market  8- pantomime 9- kids Christmas party  10- decorate a ginger bread 11-make Christmas decorations 12- glitter playdough 13- matching Christmas eve pjs 14- christmas eve box 15- busy bee garden centre (Christmas world) 16- Christmas books 17- family themed photoshoot 18- Christmas movie night 19- elf on the shel

Halloween with a Toddler #2

My top 5 trick or treat ideas I did this year. 1-Guess how many are in the jar? On Monday  we had a Halloween party for Poppy and her monster friends, for the adults, we had the idea of putting sweets in a jar I already had at home, and some spiders (count the sweets and spiders before adding them in the jar, we nearly forgot.) then let all the adults guess how many there are! Simple and easy. 2- trick or treat party bags I found this cute dotty pack of 24 sweets bags in tkmaxx for only £2. I filled the kids party bags with sweets and stickers. Great for Halloween favours or if you want to go extra for those knocking on your door im sure they will go down a treat! 3- trick or treaters pick and mix plate  We have recently moved house so im finding things i forgot i had. And this year i put together a large gold plate (I use these for xmas usually) put some sweets and decoration on to give it that kid friendly spooky look.  4- kids halloween party