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Simple Ways to Save for Christmas

Saving! I always buy gifts throughout the year and most of them I get in the sales, this really helps keeps cost down during the most expensive time of the year. Since having Poppy I've saved us over £200 each year on gifts. I also save money purchasing wrapping paper, ribbon, tags and Xmas cards on Boxing day, when it's practically given away. Stick to a budget  Hubby and I stick to the same amount of money each month for food, which works out really well for us. During Christmas month, we only add an extra £20/£30 to our food budget for the Christmas dinner and Boxing Day munchies but that's it. We don't go over the top because we don't like to throw away our money. Kids clothes  We all know kids clothes can be expensive especially if your buying in bulk for a new season. I tend to buy all of Poppy's during the big clothing sales like next, mother care, h&m, etc... I find these shops are the best ones for quality and huge 50-70% off.