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money saving tips for 2018

Every year my husband and I set some goals for the new year. In 2017 we succeeded by finding a second house and renting out our flat. I went on to achieve a bunch of charity runs and walks while Michael has managed to slowly grow a potential business as a blacksmith. I have a few of my own little goals set for this year but mostly we are all about saving money! Some people find it hard so here are a few tips in how we save money.

1- The £2 in a jar
Every £2 coin you have put it into a jar, you will be surpised how much you can save. A friend of mine and her partner have saved £2000 in one year doing this. You could use any amount really but whatever you won't miss is the easiest way.

2- open a savings account
By doing this you can set up a direct debit from your current account for the day you get paid, that way you never see the money and don't notice it. You can put in as little or as much as you like just make sure it's what you can afford. You can also use ISA's or bonds to save easily.

3- food budget
As a family of 3 we have a food budget of £50 each week, it can vary when you need household things; detergent, washing up liquid, toiletries, etc... items like that boost up the bill.

4- play money budget
What I mean buy this is stick to a budget for nights out, clothes shopping, take aways, etc... if you can't afford it, wait till you can

5- birthday cards 10 for £1
A handy one if you've got a big family and a nice bunch of friends. Head to the card factory as they sell 10 cards for £1, stock up as it can save you a lot of money.

6- charity shops aren't as bad as you think
Heading to the charity shops for a few new items for your wardrobe isn't a bad thing, you can find brand new items with tags on for £s rather than 10s of £s.

7- cash only
Only taking out cash with you will help you stop spending on your card. It's easy to spend more than you should when you just get the card out...even easier now it's all contactless.

8- declutter; sell items online
I've been doing this for over a year now, I completely clear out each room over a few weeks. I sell items of clothing or make up I've not opened or used. Don't spend the money from the items you sell add it up at the end of the year, see how much you saved!

I hope this helps
Start your new year with a little saving


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