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Poppy's 3rd Birthday| a letter to my Little Girl

How are you 3!?  Happy 3rd birthday to my little goofball. Yesterday we celebrated our daughters birthday with friends and family. It's crazy to think she is now 3! It's true what they say, our little ones grow up far too quick. that newborn smell, that squished face like they've been hit by a fraying pan and the longest snuggles in the world...Blink and you miss it. Life is now full of new, hard, fun, crazy, happy days. Being a parent is hard work we are mum and dad, teachers, cleaner, feeder, everything. My parent cv is longer then my actual job cv. But I wouldn't change a thing. Dear poppy, you are one crazy girl, a real goofball, smart as a whip and such a cheeky little thing. You are kind and so caring towards others around you. You share your colds like they are going out of fashion. Your morning wake-up calls, while annoying, are adorable and your addiction to toast is something we are going to need to talk about missy! You have really shown your ch

The Body Shop | Oil's of Life | Vegan | #DareToMask

The Body Shop Have you ever walked passed the Body Shop and not gone in inside? Have you ever pointed your nose into the most deliciously fragranced shop around? If the answer is no, Then you're missing out big time. I have always been a fan on their products but I must admit, I never knew just how plant based and cruelty free they really are. which is completely outstanding. I was recently Invited to The Body Shop Event at West Quay shopping centre, in Southampton, for the launch of their new range. We were greeted by friendly staff members and bubbly refreshments.  As the evening went on we were introduced to the team who spoke about the New range, Oils of Life, all products are free from animal testing (sign the petition, plus a high percentage of vegan products are available in store. It was interesting to know how much work they put into each item and how well thought out the process is