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The Moses Basket

I thought I'd share with you all my little bargains for baby girl and the huge savings for us. We brought this Moses basket last week for £8 with the stand and matress from the charity shop! It's been cleaned and New things added so hopefully you will like it as much as I do and also let's just appriciate the immaculate condition it's in.  Before. .. As you can see it was a very old fashioned style with the way it looked and the colours! it wasn't my thing at all so I wanted to modernise it and give it a fresh brand new look. I removed the side padding and removed the hood of the basket. After... I kept the matress and added a fresh new sheet on, added a hand made knitted blanket that was given from my sister, chewable comforter that was handmade by my husband's cousin which she gave to us at the baby shower recently and a swaddle blanket that was gifted by Poppys' god mother for baby. I much prefer it this way as I feel i

My Baby Shower

still can't believe after months of planning it's actually already over. I had such an amazing time with all my friends and family celebrating our little miracle baby. I decided I wanted to have the party at my home where I was comfortable and relaxed without having to rush around to venues or anything. I've spent the last few weeks making decorations such as the doughnut topper, the tissue paper bunting, the grandparents and auntie badges also made one for myself and the Polaroid pin board.  decided I wanted a doughnut tower as I saw it on pinterest as I didn't want cake due to having a cream tea platter and a chocolate platter. My husband helped prepare a lot of the food on the day which helped. He and his brother took our niece and Poppy out for a few hours before coming back near the end of the baby shower so we had them here to celebrate.   had my sister's Polaroid camera to use for the photos on the board, my sister also m