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The Last Minute..None Easter Basket | 2019| toddler and newborn Easter Treats

Happy Easter  This year we have our very own birthday bunny,   Poppys 4th birthday lands on Easter Sunday so we have decided to have her birthday party with friends and family on the Saturday. This means I have put together a very small parcel of treats from the Easter bunny as I know she will be getting quite a lot for her birthday. I have also put together a mini haul for our newest edition to the family baby Phoebe.  Poppy: I found this jump suit from my recent trip to primark at £8 they also had pretty patterned ones but I thought with the Easter theme this cute pastel number was just right for Pops. The sunglasses also come from primark at £1.50. The white chocolate  lindt bunny you can find anywhere, I got this one from Morrison's at £3. The rabbit ears come with a pink bow and bunny tail costing 99p from the card factory. The green tutu rabbit is also from last year's Easter collection in the card factory which come in a pack of two for 99p  Pho