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Goal Setting and How to Achieve them...

Easy with a sprinkle of positivity We all want to achieve our goals but sometimes we feel we'll never get to pursue them. Or we get overwhelmed and decide against it. It takes a lot of motivation, support, consistency and focus to do it. The Breakdown Write down your goals for the year- you want to enter the 10k race, start a new hobby or want to improve your career Write down monthly goals- you want to save a certain amount of money a month, declutter the house or meet with friends Write down weekly goals- 10.000 steps a day, drink 2 litres of water a day, write down daily to do lists; the washing, the paper work you've not sorted, food prep, etc Priority bubble (your name) Brainstorm things that are important to you- family, friends, health, positivity, goals... although this task is similar to above, with this one you can see what is most important around you and it visually helps you to be more determined and productive to achieve your ambitions. By br

How to Declutter your Home and Keep it that Way

Time to declutter What helps me destress, be productive and keep myself organised is getting rid of all the bits and bobs i keep laying around the house. Yes, that drawer full of crap and all the kids toys that keep mounting up after Christmas and birthdays. I start with 4 bags; charity, selling, friends/family and bin. You don't have to do all of these in one day, pick a room or an area for one afternoon while the baby sleeps and the toddler is settled with snacks and a colouring book and get busy. *Rooms* Bathroom- the cabinets, products you dont use or are out of date, bath toys, etc... Kitchen- food packaging, out of date products, pots and pans you don't use or need to replace Living room- the mounting of paper work hidden in drawers, kids toys, shoes, etc... Dining room- ( same as above) Bedroom- clothes you don't wear, brought but never used, old bed, bedroom drawers and tables, worn out shoes (good quality shoes can be repaired fairly cheaply s