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Pregnant with baby no3

                          Hello little one  So now everyone knows we are pregnant with our 3rd Baby. I still can't believe I'm saying this out loud it still feels a bit surreal.  We found out I was pregnant really early, around 2 weeks! I remember putting Phoebe in the pram to go and pick up Poppy from school. I was standing in the line to pick her up everything was fine and all of a sudden I felt sick and dizzy! I thought what the hell was that!?  Once we left the school I thought should I go to the shop and buy a test just incase so i did, thinking nothing of it. It's probably a false alarm... low and behold those positive lines came up good and strong. I was absolutely gobsmacked, nervous and thinking how can we have 3 children. I actually ended up taking 6 test! I did one every few days because i couldn't believe it.  It took a good 6 weeks or so after that to get my head around it all... who am I kidding it's still not sunk in yet. I am